One day left… (an analysis of vfromhomestuck’s tweets)

Weekly Friday posts are still a thing, probably. My 4/13 project is basically done, aside from the video trailer and some finishing touches. I’m super excited to release it to the world!!!!!

In the countdown to 4/13/2019, the tenth anniversary of Homestuck, a mysterious figure known as “vfromhomestuck”, who took part in the Hiveswap Friendsim and probably its most controversial installment, has been posting a lot about Homestuck on Twitter. Normally the words “Homestuck” and “Twitter” will make me rage if seen together, but this case is way different. V isn’t just doing your usual obnoxious shitposts or fantroll memes. She speaks intelligently about Homestuck and Hiveswap and seems to be a bit reserved about discussing its controversial aspects. V recognizes the dislike fans have for parts of the comic and tends to question their reasoning and motives, or how much they really know at all. The strangest part is that nobody knows who V is outside of her involvement in Homestuck and Hiveswap. It feels strange that she is currently taking the reins of hyping Homestuck material, but it’s also a welcome change of pace from getting info out of Hussie’s more shitposty friends (looking at you, James Roach).

For the past two weeks, V has been hyping up something that must be HUGE, which most people assume is the epilogue. She has posted some mysterious and vague lines that give me a strange form of hope I don’t know if I’ve ever felt before. I’ll go over those tweets in chronological order.

March 13: “homestuck”

This is where the timeline begins; the first thing V tweeted (not replying to others) after over two months of silence. Seeing the word “homestuck” (lowercase is important!) makes me groan in numerous contexts, but perhaps the biggest offender is just seeing it on its own. I can’t place why that is and this annoyance probably makes me sound like an idiot.

At this point in time, I was burnt out on seeing Hussie’s friends or whatever tweet about his comic, rather than the big man himself. But soon after, my views on this mysterious V person would flip on their head.

March 29: Curious Cat AMA

About two weeks ago, V did an AMA on Curious Cat which I went over in this post. All the most important stuff has been gone over in this Reddit thread, so no need to rehash it again. Overall, this AMA made me very intrigued by V, especially compared to the others that would sometimes disclose Homestuck info.

April 7: “Are you guys ready for the most important and earth shattering artistic comeback the world has ever known”

My best guess is that this tweet teases something involving Caliborn. What else could it possibly be? Late Homestuck’s art is rather infamous for being “fast and loose”, as the author had warned us; either that, or fanart compiled into flashes and visual montages, which is also a bit polarizing. I can’t read that tweet as just Hussie making good art again like many readers so desperately crave; I am almost certain that it’s in some way related to Caliborn, which would be awesome because he is the best character in Homestuck.

April 10: “It’s almost here”

I can analyze this tweet in just two words. Here goes:

oh fuck

April 10: “clear your whole week”

This tweet strangely made me happy to read. One of my worries about what’s coming 4/13 was that we’d get a massive dump of stuff all at once, instead of more spread out content like Homestuck had always done. With this tweet, we can tell that it’ll likely be spread out content, with probably BIG but not HUGE content on the exact day and the rest spread across a week or more.

The main reason I hope what comes out on 4/13 isn’t too big is because lots of fanworks are planned for that day and I want them to shine just as much as official material does. Many people, I can tell, have planned large-scale projects of their own to release that day; I most certainly have.

Also worth noting: if this content is enough to get readers hyped and invested for a whole week, then that means I might put my blog posts on a hiatus of sorts again. I can easily see myself next week too busy reading and talking about the new material to work on my next Homestuck posts, but we’ll see what happens.

April 11: “I hope you guys have been rereading Homestuck”

This tweet is easily the most enticing so far! Despite my usual refusal to involve myself in Homestuck Twitter, I immediately retweeted the hell out of it.

One of the prime aspects of my philosophy on Homestuck is that you can’t fully experience it unless you’ve reread it over and over. I most certainly have been rereading Homestuck the past several months, in a somewhat anachronic order, so I’m glad to read that tweet. The /r/homestuck community reread helps matters too, by encouraging many to reread the comic leading up to its anniversary.

I interpret the tweet about rereading Homestuck to mean that the new material we’re getting may be a return to form for the comic; a return to crazy plot threads and astounding revelations, just like the first five acts of Homestuck and early Act 6. V seems to be telling us that if you haven’t reread Homestuck recently, you probably won’t fully understand the upcoming material. What crazy stuff could this material call back to or get answers on??? By calling back I don’t mean those forced callbacks that are thrown in for no real reason; rather, real parallels or revisitations of prior scenes that tell us something new through calling back. And don’t even get me started on all the things fans have badly wanted answers on. Basically everything that happened in Act 7, for one. Or what happened after Caliborn’s Masterpiece. Maybe even a broader cosmic justification for the retcon, or perhaps a return of the pre-retcon characters? The possibilities are endless, I’ve barely scratched the surface.

I am experiencing the strangest form of hype imaginable, but I’m going to go try and keep my calm until the clock strikes.

A New Year’s Announcement!

Happy new year! Today marks the start of 2019; the end of a year whose tail end I spent largely returning to Homestuck posts.

Today ALSO marked the release of some brand new Homestuck material, detailing the stories behind the guardians and the Condesce’s time on Earth, especially before the scratch. My reaction to it is as follows:


(Partial) jokes aside, I would go right ahead and write about this new material, but I can’t just yet!!! I will be at MAGFest for the next few days, attending, among hopefully many other things, the SiIvaGunner panel. I’ll probably spend most of my time those days busy with all that stuff.

But after that all happens, I will write two blog posts about the Homestuck content. One with general thoughts, and another comparing in detail the lives of all eight kids—John, Rose, Dave, Jade, Jane, Jake, Roxy, Dirk—against what we now know about their lives across the scratch. I’m super excited to get writing once MAGFest is done! But I’d rather not cram in blog writing during my spare time, such as waiting at the airport, when I go to MAGFest. I have heard that it’s really sad when the event ends, and I can only imagine what state I’ll be in at that point.

I’ll post a lot about MAGFest on my Twitter! This will also be my grand face reveal so look forward to that.

Cookie Fonster Says Stuff About His Homestuck Commentary 6: Over But Not Quite (the comic, not the post series)

So today was the final update of Homestuck. Except it isn’t quite the ending, since Hussie talked about making a final epilogue in the future. It still left a lot of plot points unresolved and we’ll probably have to wait still more months for the grand epilogue, but that’s besides the point. The point is, I want to say stuff about my post series now that Homestuck is semi-finished.

I originally intended to make this post series once Homestuck is over, because with that, the posts wouldn’t feel incomplete with inaccurate predictions or stuff I could say now but couldn’t have said back before the comic ended. The comic was supposed to be fully finished when I started this post series, with all plot points resolved.

Except the plot points aren’t solved. We still don’t know:

  • what happened to Lord English
  • the full story of Caliborn’s timeline and how he became Lord English
  • the deal with the cherub universe vs. the one the kids created
  • the full story of how Gamzee’s timeline went down (like what happened to him after we last saw him in [S] Collide?)
  • what events came before and after Caliborn’s Masterpiece, or where exactly (like from which timeline) the kids there came from
  • what ultimately happened to the Green Sun or the god tier version of Calliope
  • the purpose of destroying the Green Sun
  • what Vriska and company did with the magic chest
  • whether Vriska and the other trolls will too settle on Earth
  • what’s going to happen to the ghosts from Game Over
  • which ships will be canon in the end (this is kind of a joke thing, but seriously, that sort of thing is usually answered in the end of stories like this*)
  • what happened to all the sprites
  • what happened to (John)
  • what happened to everyone else who didn’t enter the victory door (Ms. Paint, Jack Noir, the Felt, whoever else)
  • the whole deal with Karkat’s supposed universe leadership role which the flash didn’t address at all
  • the ramifications of Terezi gaining pre-retcon memories
  • the thing of restoring the troll race (or the human race for that matter)
  • what all the classes and aspects mean for our resident theorists
  • probably some other stuff I forgot to list
  • to say nothing of the smaller plot points that have been hanging for a while (here’s a list someone made of unresolved plot points).
  • and to say nothing of character interactions we’ve been hoping would happen but haven’t gotten yet. When will Jade get her touching young guardian reunion? When will Jade have her dialogue reunions with everyone else for that matter? When will the alpha kids, with their absolute social trainwreck, have their grand reconciliation?

* For one thing, it was practically guaranteed at this point that John would get together with Roxy by the end. The Act 7 flash kind of implied this? But only kind of.

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