A New Year’s Announcement!

Happy new year! Today marks the start of 2019; the end of a year whose tail end I spent largely returning to Homestuck posts.

Today ALSO marked the release of some brand new Homestuck material, detailing the stories behind the guardians and the Condesce’s time on Earth, especially before the scratch. My reaction to it is as follows:


(Partial) jokes aside, I would go right ahead and write about this new material, but I can’t just yet!!! I will be at MAGFest for the next few days, attending, among hopefully many other things, the SiIvaGunner panel. I’ll probably spend most of my time those days busy with all that stuff.

But after that all happens, I will write two blog posts about the Homestuck content. One with general thoughts, and another comparing in detail the lives of all eight kids—John, Rose, Dave, Jade, Jane, Jake, Roxy, Dirk—against what we now know about their lives across the scratch. I’m super excited to get writing once MAGFest is done! But I’d rather not cram in blog writing during my spare time, such as waiting at the airport, when I go to MAGFest. I have heard that it’s really sad when the event ends, and I can only imagine what state I’ll be in at that point.

I’ll post a lot about MAGFest on my Twitter! This will also be my grand face reveal so look forward to that.