Artificial consciousness – how can it be at all possible?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about artificial intelligence, from reading this awesome two-part article (12) on artificial intelligence, written about a month ago by Tim Urban on his awesome blog-style website “Wait But Why”. If you haven’t read the article, read it now. It’s a lengthy read, but it’s COMPLETELY worth it.

Among the many things that interested me in that article was the idea of artificial consciousness. It’s exactly what its name suggests – artificial machines being conscious in the same way humans are.

So a few days ago, I was thinking about artificial consciousness, and realized that I didn’t understand how in the hell that can be a thing at all. I was confused even more when I learned that many fictional robots, for example Wall-E or the robots in Futurama, are conscious and self-aware. What’s that all about? Was I missing something about artificial consciousness that the creators of Wall-E or Futurama understood?

In this blog post I will attempt to explain why the idea of artificial consciousness is hard to understand, and how it’s possible for artificial consciousness to actually exist.

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Googo- and googolple- (archived 3-part unfinished article)

alright guys, here’s another old article from my large number site. it’s about andre joyce’s googo- and googolple- system, and it was in fact the very first article on my site. for a while it lurked around as an unfinished 3-part page, but i have now finished a new article on that system. for history’s sake i will archive the old unfinished googo- and googolple- article on this blog.

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Analyzing Aarex’s Number List (archived article)

so i’ve decided to archive some old pages on my large number site on this blog – i further discuss this here. one of those old pages i’ll archive is “analyzing aarex’s number list”, a page that has been lurking around the hidden pages of my site for a while … until now. here’s the archived page:

NOTE: Aarex recently restarted his number list – this page is now mostly for fun.

The odd googologist Aarex Tiakhiao has made his own number list – it’s filled with mistakes and errors, not to mention terrible grammar. This page serves to analyze all these mistakes. Aarex’s text is in Arial, mine is in Verdana.

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