is so much fun oh my god

A website that extrapolates from text you’ll input in surprisingly logical yet humorous ways, that at times you can just barely tell is from artificial intelligence.

One such extrapolation from my Homestuck post titles I find especially amusing. See for yourself:

That escalated quickly…

Try this website yourself, maybe with snippets from Homestuck or whatever thing you like. It’s way way way way way way way too much fun.

Artificial consciousness – how can it be at all possible?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about artificial intelligence, from reading this awesome two-part article (12) on artificial intelligence, written about a month ago by Tim Urban on his awesome blog-style website “Wait But Why”. If you haven’t read the article, read it now. It’s a lengthy read, but it’s COMPLETELY worth it.

Among the many things that interested me in that article was the idea of artificial consciousness. It’s exactly what its name suggests – artificial machines being conscious in the same way humans are.

So a few days ago, I was thinking about artificial consciousness, and realized that I didn’t understand how in the hell that can be a thing at all. I was confused even more when I learned that many fictional robots, for example Wall-E or the robots in Futurama, are conscious and self-aware. What’s that all about? Was I missing something about artificial consciousness that the creators of Wall-E or Futurama understood?

In this blog post I will attempt to explain why the idea of artificial consciousness is hard to understand, and how it’s possible for artificial consciousness to actually exist.

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