Random update

I don’t know if anyone still follows this blog after all this time (whatever following a blog that hasn’t updated in four months even means). But when you’re this bored on a humdrum summer day, you might as well update some old thing you used to run.

Since I reached Act 6, my motivation for making those Homestuck blog posts decreased considerably until it hit dead zero, and as of this writing it’s still zero. That said, at one point I made a post with a hidden link to a webpage listing another similar idea of mine: an abridged version of my commentary blog with fewer offhand remarks (which may or may not be code for “cleared up from random dumb things I wrote in these posts”). Even if I’ve lost motivation to continue the mess that is my unfinished Homestuck reread blog, this abridged commentary thing has still been a hanging idea in my head. Even after all this time I still have a weird relationship with the comic and like talking about it and realizing new things about it; that relationship is kept alive by a certain fanwork that I’ve already shilled to death here (and in many other places). I don’t totally remember my thought process behind that idea and the stuff I wrote on that webpage I linked, but if I were to find myself bored enough to start such a thing I’d probably do it from scratch, for many reasons not the least of which is that I’m scared to reread all those old posts of mine.

I have no idea how and whether I’d try to get people to care about that thing; it doesn’t help that it’s hosted on Google Sites which is probably a super outdated thing by now, even if it will always hold a bit of a soft spot in my heart because of all the nonsense I’ve done there in the past. Same goes with writing all this stuff on Blogger instead of my personal website (haha like I have the motivation to actually buy one) or on Tumblr or something. I don’t know, maybe I just feel hip using this stuff; I started in a time as late as 2014 after all.

But in any case, at the time I had this whole huge thought process behind that abridged commentary idea I spouted out. I don’t remember much of it anymore, but maybe if I reread the comic yet again sometime I could go ahead and make that thing. Who knows, maybe someone from some obscure corner of the Internet actually could stumble upon that?

As a closing note, even though I mostly wrote this post out of boredom I’d try to update this blog for personal use if nothing else if I follow through with all these ideas.

P.S.: Having a version with spoilers and without spoilers is probably a cumbersome idea, maybe I’ll get rid of that and just do as I please.

P.P.S.: I completely forgot I wanted to start that thing in early 2017.