Update on slow posting schedule

Trust me, I won’t let my promise of having a faster Homestuck post schedule in 2020 go unfulfilled. I really should have mentioned sooner on this blog that my laptop hasn’t been in good condition since last September, which is a big part of why my posts were released so slowly in the last few months of the year. Now I’ve finally gotten around to ordering a new laptop, which should arrive a few days from now. My posts will most definitely be faster, for real, and I mean it this time, when the new computer happens.

Announcement about plans leading to (and after) 4/13

As I said in this schedule post (for now, still my dumping ground for small announcements), I’m currently sticking to a schedule of new Homestuck blog posts (usually) every Friday morning. But today I don’t have a Homestuck blog post in store, so I’m going to write an announcement post instead, slightly longer than the random updates I’ve added to that schedule post.

Classic Posts

Homestuck post 85 is currently planned for 4/19. I wanted to get Act 6 Act 3 done before 4/13, but I’m not sure if that’s possible. Over the next week I’ll focus more on my 4/13 project, watch a certain anime, and maybe make some videos if I’m feeling up to it such as the Futurama 20th anniversary tribute that I badly need to finish. Probably no more numbered Homestuck posts before the comic’s tenth anniversary.

I have fully planned out how to divide the acts up to Act 6 Act 5, but I don’t feel like posting that plan here; it’s not really all that interesting. Post 100 will be some point early in Act 6 Intermission 5.

Please note that all my plans are subject to change! Even though that’s probably obvious if you follow this blog, I feel obligated to restate it anyway.

Rewritten Posts

I have some rough plans for the next few acts of my rewritten posts. I’ll start Act 3 right after I release post 85. Intermission posts I already did, so I will do a recap post for those, then go on to Act 4.

I will not start my Act 4 posts until I have a physical copy of the Act 4 book. This is because the book commentary there gets very long at parts and is inconvenient to read with Homestuck Companion; I can tell that it’s far better read in book form. That’ll be a good way for me to experience the Homestuck books firsthand.

Act 5 Act 1 (the trolls’ arc) is the opposite case. In those rewritten posts, I will have a policy of not consulting the book commentary. The main reason for this is because the trolls’ arc is one of the acts I forget the most about, so I think rereading it will be interesting enough without Hussie’s commentary alongside it. I want to make my own judgments about that act’s characters and pacing as I go along; I don’t need Hussie telling me that Nepeta is a prototype for Calliope or whatever.* Maybe in the future I’ll make versions of my Act 5 Act 1 posts where I consult book commentary, but in this rewrite project I think I’ll do without it. Also worth noting that the next Homestuck book after Act 5 Act 1 won’t be released until September.

* Though I am eager to see if I end up agreeing with that idea.

My rewritten posts are really only mapped out up to Act 5 Act 1. After that point, my plans are nothing more than “we’ll see what happens”, especially considering what I have planned for my 4/13 project.

New schedule for Homestuck posts! + miscellaneous rambling + other updates

I’ve finally decided on a schedule for my Homestuck posts again! If I’m going to commit to it for a good stretch of time again, I might as well have a proper schedule. This new schedule is: new Homestuck posts every Friday morning. These new posts could be either rewrites of old posts or new posts and I have a full out plan for the next month, followed by a rough plan after that.

The schedule isn’t exactly “new”; it’s a pattern I’ve been following for the past few weeks. I just decided to make it an official schedule.

Here’s my current schedule in calendar form. Dates italicized are not Fridays and deviate from the schedule. I’ll also use this schedule to give progress updates.

02/25/2019 – Part 4 rewritten [done!]
03/01/2019 – Part 83 [done!]
03/08/2019 – Part 5 rewritten [done!]
03/15/2019 – (schedule announcement) [YOU ARE HERE]
03/22/2019 – Part 6 rewritten
03/29/2019 – Part 7 rewritten

04/03/2019 – Part 8 rewritten*
04/06/2019 – Part 84 <- OUTDATED, now shifted ahead
03/18/2019 – Part 6 rewritten [done!]
03/22/2019 – Part 7 rewritten [done!, delayed one day]
03/29/2019 – Part 8 rewritten [done!]
04/05/2019 – Part 84
04/12/2019 – Part 85** <- shifted ahead again
04/02/2019 – Part 84 [done!]
04/06/2019 – Part 85 [possibly later?]
04/13/2019 – Secret mystery project
04/19/2019 – Part 85

* Part 8 rewritten covers WV’s portion of Act 2; Part 84 covers mostly Caliborn gloating and Dirk confusing everyone. Both probably won’t take all that long so I moved them around like this. EDIT: I changed things up anyway.

** Part 85 was originally going to be for 4/13 but I moved it ahead a day so as not to overwhelm myself with releases. 

After my project for 4/13 is released, the weekly posts are a bit more up in the air. I’ll probably decide on a whim whether each weekly post is a brand new post or a rewrite of an old one. I like this idea because if I hit a roadblock on a new Homestuck post I’ll rewrite an old post instead, and vice versa. It’s just like the days when I worked on both Homestuck and Problem Sleuth posts; maybe if I’m feeling up to it one of my weekly posts might even be a Problem Sleuth post? Don’t count on anything yet, just know that bringing back Problem Sleuth posts is a distinct possibility.

Everything below this text is either rambling or other random updates (or both). This post is going to me my dumping ground for such updates for a while.

4/20/2019: nope never mind fuck everything back to hiatus for a long time probably

4/19/2019: Part 9 rewritten is out! And apparently the entire rest of the epilogue is coming tomorrow???? I have a burning suspicion V is hiding something and that isn’t quite all of it, but I’ve prepared for the worst and taken measures to avoid spoilers; I’m way too busy this weekend to read any Homestuck stuff, especially of this length. Maybe I could finish post 85 for real this time next Friday, as I blissfully avoid spoilers through next week. Yes you read that right: part 85 is planned for 4/26.

4/13/2019: The big day!!!

4/12/2019: Wrote up thoughts on V’s tweets.

4/7/2019: Just had a big discussion on hopes and worries for the Homestuck epilogue, as well as all the stuff vfromhomestuck has been teasing. I am now more cautious and nervous about it than ever before; maybe I’ll write a blog post about my epilogue fears. Also I just ordered a copy of Homestuck Book 3 (Act 4).

4/6/2019: That one anime I mentioned is an absolute blast to watch, holy shit.

4/5/2019: Made a longer announcement post. The most important part I haven’t said in this post yet: I will make a point of going through Act 5 Act 1 without book commentary.

4/3/2019 (my birthday!): Yeah, I think I’m going to delay post 85 to 4/19 for the time being. I am very busy watching a certain anime; one that will let me fully grasp the notion that fun things are fun. Please note that I don’t normally watch anime; please also note that “weeb” is a stupid word that should not exist.

4/2/2019 [2]: Maybe it’ll be a bit too tight of a squeeze to both release part 85 before 4/13 and get what I wanted to done for the 4/13 project. Or maybe it won’t be too tight, we’ll see what happens. I estimate a 25% chance that part 85 will be delayed, either to before or after 4/13. If it’s delayed to after 4/13, it’ll come out on let’s say 4/19, sticking to my plan of posts on Fridays.

4/2/2019: Part 84 is out! Hopefully soon enough I can start part 85; it may be a tight squeeze!

3/29/2019: Part 8 rewritten is now out! I’m pushing posts 84 and 85 ahead a bit, to encourage myself to work on my 4/13 project after that. I’ll start 84 this weekend; it probably won’t take long.

3/26/2019: Part 8 rewritten is already close to done! Which is good, gives me more time to work on my 4/13 project and maybe other things. Keep in mind that by 4/13, I plan to be finished with Act 6 Act 3 in my normal posts and Act 2 in my rewritten posts and not start the next acts until after that date.

Also on this topic, my next rewritten posts will be four posts for Act 3, an intermission recap post, and then I won’t start Act 4 until I have a physical copy of the book. This is because that act is where flashes and pesterlogs get long and Homestuck Companion (browser extension I’ve been using) isn’t totally convenient for reading long commentary.

To my knowledge, Homestuck Companion is the best way to digitally read Homestuck. You can read with book commentary if you want and it contains some handy notes about broken links and removed content. Also makes pesterlogs only openable with right CTRL key, fixing an annoyance I had with writing these posts.

3/18/2019: Part 6 rewritten is now out!  On Monday instead of Friday. I think it’s polished enough already. Other posts have been pushed forward so the weekly Friday posts are still intact, they didn’t go anywhere. Actually the weekly Friday posts are now more intact than they were before; previously there were some off-schedule but now those are moved to Fridays.

Why am I so awful at sticking to a schedule? Either I’m way too fast or way too slow. But I’ll try to stick to Fridays anyway; Part 7 rewritten is scheduled for this Friday.

3/17/2019: Part 6 rewritten is finished already, oops. The good news is, by “finished” I simply mean I got to the last page of that post’s stretch of pages, which means I’ll have plenty of time the next few days to revise and polish it.

3/16/2019: Today I worked a bit more on the 4/13 project! Not much so far but I roughly know how I’ll go about the whole thing.

3/15/2019: Here’s some miscellaneous rambling. The more I look at any of my old Homestuck posts before Part 80, the more I want to rewrite or make updated versions of all of them. Almost all of those posts have some major revisions I want to make, which makes me not want to cut that project short at just rewriting the first 27 posts. I don’t want to get too carried away, so I’ll just say: we’ll see what happens after I finish Part 27 rewritten.

An additional benefit to working on new posts and rewrites of old posts in tandem is that after Act 6 Act 3, I’ll have to go through the Openbound trilogy. You know, the long and rambly walkaround games featuring the pre-scratch trolls. I have no idea how long it’ll take me to write those posts, so it’s good to have some other blog post content to output alongside that.

Update on Post 82 + the rest of Act 6 Act 3

Post 82 is already done! It covers UU and uu’s chess game and the alpha kids’ subsequent character select screen. I’ll publish it tomorrow morning, as I look at it with fresh eyes, so get hyped.

While we’re at it, I have an actual plan for the next few Act 6 Act 3 posts! That plan is to divide Act 6 Act 3 into 11 (heh, 11/11/11) parts total, which means four left for the act; three before the special 4/13 post. There’s a chance I’ll change my mind and do 10 if one of the parts turns out not to have much material (maybe Calliope’s introduction pages), but my current setup is 11.

As I said on my Twitter, I’ll try to finish as much of A6A3 as I can before I go on vacation on the 19th, then if there’s anything left I’ll do the rest at whatever pace I feel like doing. Once I reach the second-last part of this act, I’ll go back on hiatus. I’m saving the post covering the final part of A6A3, which includes the Unite Synchronization flashes and [S] Caliborn: Enter, for 4/13, the tenth anniversary (holy shit) of Homestuck.

ENORMOUS EDIT: I look at my plan for A6A3 and was I drunk when I made it? Dividing Act 6 Act 3 into 11 posts makes no sense, 10 is so much better. Guess that all works in my favor, not that it matters much; either way, I’m easily on the right track for figuring things out. Who knows if I change my mind again later anyway? It could still be 11 parts.

Progress on next Homestuck post + vacation update

12/27/2016: I’ve decided to end the stretch of pages covered in my next post a few pages sooner than I thought I would. Next post is two-thirds done now and I think I can finish it before the new year.

It may seem like it’s taken three solid weeks to work on my next Homestuck post, but I’ve really only been working on it for something like the past five days. Keep in mind then before that I took a break from these posts—they were about the only free time thing preparing for finals actually deterred me from. All that is over now of course. I’ll be on vacation during the week of Christmas, where I’ll be bringing my school laptop again; unlike last year I will work on these posts during that time. The scope of my projects has changed considerably over the past year; now it’s mainly these posts and Cool and New Webcomic music.

Next post is about 40% done as of December 22. If I’m lucky, maybe I could finish it around Christmas? No matter what happens it won’t be released before the new year. The next one after that probably won’t be very long, and as with my latest post which was released six days after the previous, maybe it won’t even take that long to make.

Looking back on my old hiatus post from almost exactly a year ago, the idea of pausing these posts for anything close to three months seems completely absurd. It’s still been a fun personal project for me; the main reason my posts have taken so long lately is because of how carried away I’ve been with it.

Homestuck posts no longer have a set schedule

I finally came to terms with the fact that I’m no longer able to keep a steady posting schedule with this post series, something that’s been obvious for months, but only now am I finally letting go of those phantom post schedules that don’t mean anything. From here on out, the only certainty regarding post release dates is as follows: there should never be more than two weeks in between Homestuck posts, unless I’m on vacation or something.

That said, I’d still like to give an update regarding my next post. Right now I’m about 40% through that post, and it should be done in maybe two or three days.

EDIT (9/22/2016): It’s been two days since I posted this, and now I’m about 80% through my next post; mostly what’s left is another expository Calliope pesterlog. It should be released within the next two days. From here on out, these progress reports will be edited to the start of my most recently published Homestuck post.

EDIT 2 (9/24/2016): Next post is almost finished now, as in really really close to done. It should be released tomorrow.

Homestuck posts are now every Monday

Except for the next post after the one I’m presently working on, that’ll be my anniversary post and will be released on the 18th if I can make it on that day.

My next post is currently about two-thirds finished and should be done tomorrow Tuesday Wednesday, because I’ve got a lot of homework to do today (September 12). Post is 80% finished as of Monday afternoon.

God I hope I can get the anniversary post done on time. If I don’t make that date I could post it two days after that (September 20), the anniversary of my first Homestuck post not counting the introduction post.

EDIT: As of September 13, the next post is 95% finished, and I should have it done tomorrow.

Homestuck posts will now be weekly

And in addition to that, my next post will be delayed by one day, so that it’ll be released September 4 September 5, which means my plan for at least the next month is to release Homestuck posts on Sundays; this will include releasing a post on the 18th, this post series’ anniversary.

Here’s why: I think this semester, I might legitimately be somewhat swamped in school work. During the start of 2016, I talked about how I haven’t really experienced the effect of school work dampering all the cool fun Internet stuff, but now it has sort of affected work on my blog, at least to some degree. And it’s not just because of school work; alongside that, I’ve been participating in making music for the ever-growing Cool and New Webcomic soundtrack, which is one of the most fun things I’ve done in a long time. But what’s important is, I actually do have a decent load of homework and stuff to do each day, a load that I have a feeling may get bigger as my classes progress. With that in mind, I think weekly posts may be a reasonable thing to do for the time being.

You may be wondering, how far am I with my next Homestuck post? As of today (September 1), I am about 30% done; I’ll be sure to update this number as I go along. Though I’ve been sluggish on the post the past few days, I’ll probably be able to get quite a bit more done on the weekend, especially considering it’ll be the Labor Day weekend.

EDIT: I just made a cool ASCII progress meter to track how far I am with that post. Last updated September 5, 10:05 PM.

Start █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ Finish

EDIT 2 (September 3): My next post will either be delayed by a day or cover a little less content than I originally planned. I haven’t decided which yet but I’m leaning towards the latter.

EDIT 3 (September 4): I think I’ll have to end up doing motherfuckin’ both things. Next post coming tomorrow.

EDIT 4 (September 5): OK, next post is almost done done. I shortened the amount of pages covered even more than previous because god damn have I delayed this post long enough. Because of this, Act 6 Act 2 will be split into six parts instead of five, which I’ll explain further when I finish the post.