Update on Post 82 + the rest of Act 6 Act 3

Post 82 is already done! It covers UU and uu’s chess game and the alpha kids’ subsequent character select screen. I’ll publish it tomorrow morning, as I look at it with fresh eyes, so get hyped.

While we’re at it, I have an actual plan for the next few Act 6 Act 3 posts! That plan is to divide Act 6 Act 3 into 11 (heh, 11/11/11) parts total, which means four left for the act; three before the special 4/13 post. There’s a chance I’ll change my mind and do 10 if one of the parts turns out not to have much material (maybe Calliope’s introduction pages), but my current setup is 11.

As I said on my Twitter, I’ll try to finish as much of A6A3 as I can before I go on vacation on the 19th, then if there’s anything left I’ll do the rest at whatever pace I feel like doing. Once I reach the second-last part of this act, I’ll go back on hiatus. I’m saving the post covering the final part of A6A3, which includes the Unite Synchronization flashes and [S] Caliborn: Enter, for 4/13, the tenth anniversary (holy shit) of Homestuck.

ENORMOUS EDIT: I look at my plan for A6A3 and was I drunk when I made it? Dividing Act 6 Act 3 into 11 posts makes no sense, 10 is so much better. Guess that all works in my favor, not that it matters much; either way, I’m easily on the right track for figuring things out. Who knows if I change my mind again later anyway? It could still be 11 parts.

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