Progress on next Homestuck post + vacation update

12/27/2016: I’ve decided to end the stretch of pages covered in my next post a few pages sooner than I thought I would. Next post is two-thirds done now and I think I can finish it before the new year.

It may seem like it’s taken three solid weeks to work on my next Homestuck post, but I’ve really only been working on it for something like the past five days. Keep in mind then before that I took a break from these posts—they were about the only free time thing preparing for finals actually deterred me from. All that is over now of course. I’ll be on vacation during the week of Christmas, where I’ll be bringing my school laptop again; unlike last year I will work on these posts during that time. The scope of my projects has changed considerably over the past year; now it’s mainly these posts and Cool and New Webcomic music.

Next post is about 40% done as of December 22. If I’m lucky, maybe I could finish it around Christmas? No matter what happens it won’t be released before the new year. The next one after that probably won’t be very long, and as with my latest post which was released six days after the previous, maybe it won’t even take that long to make.

Looking back on my old hiatus post from almost exactly a year ago, the idea of pausing these posts for anything close to three months seems completely absurd. It’s still been a fun personal project for me; the main reason my posts have taken so long lately is because of how carried away I’ve been with it.

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