Homestuck posts no longer have a set schedule

I finally came to terms with the fact that I’m no longer able to keep a steady posting schedule with this post series, something that’s been obvious for months, but only now am I finally letting go of those phantom post schedules that don’t mean anything. From here on out, the only certainty regarding post release dates is as follows: there should never be more than two weeks in between Homestuck posts, unless I’m on vacation or something.

That said, I’d still like to give an update regarding my next post. Right now I’m about 40% through that post, and it should be done in maybe two or three days.

EDIT (9/22/2016): It’s been two days since I posted this, and now I’m about 80% through my next post; mostly what’s left is another expository Calliope pesterlog. It should be released within the next two days. From here on out, these progress reports will be edited to the start of my most recently published Homestuck post.

EDIT 2 (9/24/2016): Next post is almost finished now, as in really really close to done. It should be released tomorrow.

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