I’ve updated the homepage of this site!

In celebration of the new year, I’ve done something that I have considered doing for quite a while: reveal my real name to the Internet. It’s Cedric Fausey, that’s my real name. The last name is pronounced faw-zee or faw-see.

This name reveal isn’t with much fanfare; it’s not something I’m screaming to the world, instead something I’m merely adding to my homepage so that it’s easy to find for anyone looking. I’m still going to make my content under the handle “cookiefonster”; it’s just that my real name is now out in the public. This reveal comes alongside a rewrite of the homepage’s content to be more focused and present myself better. The content that was there before was cluttered with random images and asides, and I reordered it to be more cohesive.

The new year is, as always, a time of new beginnings, and I hope this update to the homepage has made my content just a bit more presentable. I’m working a job unrelated to music or my other creative content right now, but I still want to present my creative work to the world in a way that’s just the slightest bit less self-deprecatory.

As for what content I plan on publishing to this site in 2022, I’ll be honest: it’s mostly going to be blog posts reviewing episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. I’ve already finished writing reviews of the first three episodes of season 3, and the first such post is going up on January 7.