Happy fourth birthday to my Homestuck post series

Four years ago today, on September 18, 2015, I launched an ambitious project that slow grew to an absolutely unprecedented scale. This project is my Homestuck blog post series, which is still going on to this day (mostly because it was on hiatus for almost two years straight).

Today, I take a moment during a short schoolwork-related hiatus to commemorate the fourth anniversary of this monstrosity of a project! It feels more like the second anniversary though, because of the aforementioned hiatus. Writing all these blog posts taught me an insane amount about writing, gaining appreciation of literature, and understanding the complex indescribable nature of Homestuck. I owe a lot to this comic—it’s what taught me to READ instead of read, just as the epilogues are what taught me to WRITE instead of write.

Next post, covering the trickster arc, is coming in October after I move this site to a new web domain. It’ll be this post series’ effective fourth anniversary special, why not.