A horrible dream I had last night

Hey, a blog post that isn’t about you-know-what for once. I had the description of the dream typed up but I’m too lazy to format it with proper capitalization and punctuation. Here goes regardless:

i was at the library on a computer there and was working with this really confusing google doc in chinese and mom over the phone made me do a bunch of shit i didnt want to do, like view it on my phone where a bunch of characters rendered incorrectly, and wouldnt let me go home until i finished with it. then the library closed, but i refused to go home until i found my cats eddie and phoebe who i had taken to the library so i could bring them back home, even though my siblings who had also gone to the library had long gone back home. i went up to the library staff, who had these computers running software that keeps track of pets brought to the library and their current status. a staff member told me phoebe was killed in a fire (but she couldnt pronounce the cat’s name), and i waited and waited and waited to at least know if eddie was ok, but didnt get a response before i woke up and realized it was just a dream. in the dream, i felt like a terrible person for bringing the cats to the library when they couldve been safe at home.

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