Rewritten old Homestuck posts – this is just the beginning!

While participating in the community reread, I realized that it would be awesome if I did more rewrites of my old Homestuck posts, similar to my rewrite of my first post.

I’ve decided that I will rewrite all of my first 27 Homestuck posts. This would be all of my posts up to the end of the trolls’ arc, right before I revamped the style of those posts. I’m probably going to do the rewritten old posts in tandem with the new posts covering the rest of Act 6 Act 3 and beyond.

When will this project start? Well technically, it’s already started, so maybe I should ask: when will it resume? I’m not totally sure, but a rough idea is when the community reread gets to the start of Act 5 Act 2. Though who knows, maybe I’ll be bored one day and just suddenly type up a new rewritten post; that’s how I resumed this entire project anyway.

EDIT: I got bored one day and just suddenly typed up a new rewritten post! Rewrite of post 2 coming 2/16; definitely stay tuned for more.

I feel like rewriting these old posts is a good idea because it’ll help make the deluxe/ultimate edition of my Homestuck post series into a bit more of a reality than it was when I first conceived of it. Also, I updated my introduction post to include the rewritten posts.

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