When my next few Homestuck posts (83-85?) are coming

I’m participating (a bit behind schedule) in the Homestuck community reread, leading up to the comic’s tenth anniversary. I’ve been discussing it a bit on the Homestuck + Hiveswap Discord server and I might participate in the Reddit threads later on too.

I made a decision on my blog posts related to that: my next Homestuck reread blog post will come out a little after the reread reaches the page I left off on. The post featuring [S] Caliborn: Enter is tentatively planned for 4/13, though it’s possible I’d end up doing the start of Openbound then instead, which wouldn’t be ideal because Caliborn: Enter is an important flash and turning point. We’ll see what’ll happen I suppose.

This means that Cookie Fonster Dissects Homestuck Part 83: [no title yet] is planned to come out in March, and maybe part 84 too depending how I divide the comic up.

Looking forward to seeing what’s in store for Homestuck’s tenth anniversary!!!

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