Another two-week (EDIT: one-week) blog pause

As I said in an earlier post, I have three vacations for this summer. The first already happened, and the next two will take up most of the next two weeks starting Sunday (July 24). Before my second vacation (actually a summer camp) started, I hoped to buy a laptop with money earned through a summer job, but I’ve had really tough luck getting a job, let alone getting a laptop. But a laptop is highly recommended for that camp because of computer activities, so my mother is letting me bring her old work laptop (along with my iPod of course, which is no good for blogging). Unfortunately, I don’t think I’d be allowed to do personal stuff like this blog on that laptop because of her work restrictions or something. EDIT: Actually, I will be able to do my blog and all that other stuff on that computer after all. I’ll be at home again on the 29th and 30th, but after that will be my third vacation, where I will only bring my iPod even if I did have my own laptop, which lasts until August 5.

Now what does that mean for my blog? It means I won’t make any posts for the next two weeks the first week of August. Here’s how things will go for the next two and a half weeks:

  • Within the next few days, I’ll release my next Homestuck post.
  • Then, I’ll work on my next Problem Sleuth post, which I will most likely release on the 29th or 30th when I’m home.
  • After my third vacation is over, I will get back to my regular posting schedule, and then see what happens when school starts some time later.
  • After post number 61, I will release two more Homestuck posts and one more Problem Sleuth post before leaving for my third vacation.

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