When my next few Homestuck posts (83-85?) are coming, for real this time plus later posts.

I have a concrete plan for my remaining Act 6 Act 3 posts.

A few days ago, I started working on post number 83! The community reread isn’t anywhere close to that part of the comic yet, but one day I decided on impulse to work on that post so that happened. Here’s a bullet list of my plans for the next few posts:

  • Post 83 is centered around Calliope, with her name reveal, visual reveal, and pages where she explores her room. It’s coming around March 2, give or take a few days. Probably the next thing I’ll do after that is go back to rewriting old posts. Post 5 rewritten hasn’t been started yet.
  • Post 84 starts at the character selection screen narrated by Caliborn and ends before [S] Dirk: Unite. It probably won’t be very long.
  • Post 85 is the final bit of Act 6 Act 3: from the Unite Synchronization flashes up to the ending flash, [S] Caliborn: Enter. I might release it sooner than 4/13, though it’s not set in stone yet. I will say I have something special related to my blog posts planned for that day!

Act 6 Intermission 3 will be divided like so:

  • Post 86 – Openbound Part 1 (the walkaround page, nothing else)
  • Post 87 – Stretch of regular pages (John’s mental breakdown about Con Air, Davesprite, and then everything)
  • Post 88 – Openbound Part 2
  • Post 89 – More regular pages (John fights Jack Noir and reunites with Vriska)
  • Post 90 – Openbound Part 3
  • Post 91 – Last bit of regular pages (Rose’s drunk date, Ministrife)

and after that:

  • Post 92 – Act 6 Act 4 + Intermission 4, one flash and a short sequence of Caliborn pages respectively
  • everything after that is mostly up in the air, but I’d like post 100 to be something special. Maybe the end of A6I5 or the start of Homosuck? We’ll see.

This project is more ambitious now than ever before and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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