Rough schedule for the rewritten Homestuck posts!

Rewriting my old Homestuck posts is super fun, like holy shit, how can something possibly be so much fun. It’s enthralling that I’m just starting to make my remastered deluxe edition of my post series into a reality.

Post 3 rewritten is coming out tomorrow, 2/18!

And I’ve decided that up to post 27, rewrites of my posts will (probably) be coming out every two to three days! Alongside that, my plan for the remaining Act 6 Act 3 posts is intact, that hasn’t changed.

With that in mind, I’d like to point out that my posts covering early Act 5 Act 2 are starting to feel a bit dated too. Dated as in they don’t totally reflect my current views or the way I now intend to analyze Homestuck. But I won’t rewrite/remaster those posts right after I’m done with rewriting the first 27. Once that batch is done, I’ll definitely go back to making new Homestuck posts. It’s just that right now, as the community reread is going on, I can’t resist indulging in the past.

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