Another update not really update about my Homestuck blog posts (more about my relationship with the comic)

Just a reminder that I still absolutely want to finish these posts someday! I think it would be a lot of fun to restart on the comic’s 10th anniversary (4/13/2019), but right now I have other random projects I’m getting carried away with.

Part of why I’m making this post is that going by my Twitter lately, it may seem like I have a “tsundere” relationship with Homestuck, where I hate on it but secretly still care about it a lot. And that’s partially true, but the “hate” part is really my grievances/annoyances with that weird Twitter community trending lately where everyone obsesses over nothing but fantrolls and the other absurdly mechanical stuff and just thinks they have the right to name themselves after a work of media which is, let’s say, special to me. I guess it doesn’t help that the author’s presence can be best described as follows: those who liked the actual comic written by a man with a stellar sense of humor are Jake English, Hussie is Dirk Strider, and Hussie’s cronies are Dirk’s splinters and alternate selves. I’ve had this analogy in my mind for a while but I’ve never been sure how to say it without sounding like a dork. I probably sound like even more of a dork here but at least my Blogger is a good place to vent things out.

I can’t stress enough that I think all the fantroll stuff should be given the name “Hiveswap” instead. Isn’t that what the friendsims call themselves? “Hiveswap Friendsim Vol. [x]”? But I guess those people aren’t the kind to care.

OK, what the hell am I saying, I absolutely have a love-hate relationship with Homestuck right now, I got to suck it up already. And I have a love-hate relationship with these blog posts too.

(I have a love-love relationship with the comic’s music though. Shame that online community only seems to care about those shitty song parodies.)

(Come back Hussie)


Little did I know that I would finally resurrect my Homestuck post series the very next day

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