Homestuck posts will be considerably shorter, probably

At this point doing that is pretty much the only way I can continue this stuff at a reasonable rate. I think each post now will maybe cover something like two to three scenes focusing on a specific character or something? Probably about 20 or 30 pages per post which I’ve already been doing pretty often. I still want to progress through this post series despite the steady drop in production rate and I feel like shorter posts will help that.

Next post should come out on Saturday, probably wait no I keep forgetting to work on these posts god dammit. Maybe having shorter posts will make that problem slightly less bad??? Who even knows. Still the next one’s almost done. In the mean time, listen to this music album I contributed to, it’s great.

1/18/2017: My next post really is almost finished and I can probably release it by the end of the day. After that they’ll definitely be a lot shorter. 

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