Progress report on next Homestuck post

My next Homestuck post, which will be the 56th one in my post series, is taking somewhat longer than I hoped. My last post covered 63 pages, and my next post will cover 66 pages; that’s not that many more pages, but those have a lot of long dialogue that takes me a while to get through.

I’d say I’m about 60% through writing my next post. For some details, the post I’m working on covers all the options in these two selection screens. The first screen contains six options, all but one of which have long pesterlogs. I am partway through the fourth of six options in that screen since getting back to the post series three days ago, so I’m more than halfway through that one. The next selection screen has five options, only three with dialogue, and only one with particularly long dialogue. Basically this means I have about two and a half long chunks of dialogue left to cover, plus some shorter stuff. Hopefully I can get it done in the next day or two.

The next post after the one I’m working on will cover only 34 pages and hopefully won’t take too long. After that one there will be only two more posts until I finally reach Act 6!

EDIT (6/29/2016): Now my next post is about 90% done, and I should be able to release it today. It’s going to be really long.

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